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A Celebrant in Staffordshire

Hi i’m Matt Davis. A fully trained Civil celebrant in staffordshire.

Why choose a Celebrant for your ceremony?

In the case of weddings and funerals a celebrant is not constrained by the same rules as Registrars or the Clergy.

In these modern times, people are tending to have more Life centered ceremonies,   by which I mean one that is centered on the life story of the person who has passed away, or the love story of the couple who are getting married.

Religious content can be included, if that is your wish, or can also be excluded. The choice is yours.

Weddings and Funerals conducted by the clergy tend to have more hymns and prayers and not so much about the thing that really matters, which is the people for whom the ceremony is created.

Registrars are also constrained by certain wording and they must not have any religion included.

Why did I decide to be a Civil Celebrant?

Having taken an active part in a ceremony that was officiated by a funeral celebrant, for both my elderly parents. I was inspired to train as a family and funeral celebrant myself, because I wanted the opportunity to help others have the same experience of a bespoke ceremony, that is tailored to tell a life story.


Why Choose Me?

My own experience of grief will help me to empathize with your situation and understand the overwhelming sense of loss that people can feel at these sad times in their life.

Contact me

Matt Davis

Family & Funeral celebrant in staffordshire

Call: 0784 039 1620

Email: matt@thestaffordshirecelebrant.co.uk

Rugley, Staffordshire