Funeral services

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Funeral services
Funeral services

A celebrant led funeral

A person’s life story contains, lots of different elements, some happy, some sad and everyone’s life story is unique, so why have a generic funeral?

A celebrant led funeral can encapsulate all sorts of emotions and it’s ok to laugh at a funeral, as much as it’s OK to cry.

Sometimes we even find ourselves doing both at the same time!


Capturing the essence of your loved ones life story

It’s my job as a funeral celebrant to capture the essence of your loved ones life story at all its various stages.

To achieve this, I will come and visit you either in your own home or a place that’s suits us both.

We will sit down together over a cup of tea, for however long it takes, to discuss how you would like to say goodbye in your own way.

I want to get to know as much as I can about the loved one you’ve recently lost.

A celebration of life

It’s vitally important to me as a funeral celebrant that I get as much information about your family member or friends life story as possible, to enable me to create a ceremony that is based on their life.

I want to create a tribute that is very much a celebration of their life, reflecting all the qualities that have enriched your own life, purely because of their involvement in it.

The Funeral ceremony is your chance to construct a fitting tribute and it will be my absolute privilege to be able to help you to achieve this.