Memorial Ceremonies

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Memorial services

A memorial ceremony is one where there is no body present.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that a funeral in the traditional sense, is not possible.

Find closure and say goodbye

In these circumstances, a memorial ceremony can be a chance for the family & friends of the decedent to find closure and say goodbye.

Unlike funerals, Memorial ceremonies are not constrained by time, nor are they necessarily constrained on the amount of people that can attend.

Memorial ceremonies can be held indoors or outdoors (subject to permission in the case of public places).

The possibilities are almost endless!

Focused on the life of the deceased

If I hold a memorial ceremony, it will be wholly focused on the life of the deceased and as many of the friends and family as would want to, can take part with tributes, such as poems, quotes from their favourite famous person or just amusing stories of your memories.

Hymns and prayers can also be included if you wish.

Some people like to have an open Microphone session, for people to share their memories.

If you would like to have a memorial ceremony give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss what type of tribute you would like to have for your loved one.

Scripting Services

It may be that you want to officiate your ceremony yourself, but you are not quite sure how to construct it.

This is certainly something I can help you with,

Whether it’ be a Funeral, memorial ceremony, naming ceremony or civil partnership or wedding.

We’ll have a meeting and go through what kind of ceremony you would like to create.

As with a ceremony that I would officiate at, I would need to collect lots of details about the people or person involved, to enable me to create a fitting ceremony for you.